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The Aeneid by Virgil

translated by Theodore C. Williams

Chapter index of Book 09

Chapter 2: The attack on the camp starts
Chapter 3: Turnus leads the attack
Chapter 4: Sacred origin of Aeneas' ships
Chapter 5: Aeneas' ships are changed into nymphs
Chapter 6: Night falls
Chapter 7: The Trojans prepare the camp
Chapter 8: Nisus has a plan
Chapter 9: The plan is presented
Chapter 10: The plan is joyfully accepted
Chapter 11: The sortie starts
Chapter 12: Nisus and Euryalus caught
Chapter 13: Nisus and Euryalis killed
Chapter 14: Final song about Nisus and Euryalis
Chapter 15: The Rutules mourn
Chapter 16: The attack is renewed
Chapter 17: The mother of Euryalus
Chapter 18: The attack continued
Chapter 19: Incantation
Chapter 20: Many killed
Chapter 21: Insults by Numanus
Chapter 22: Ascanius kills Numanus
Chapter 23: Apollo warns Ascanius
Chapter 24: Pandarus and Bitias
Chapter 25: Turnus kills many
Chapter 26: Pandarus is killed by Turnus
Chapter 27: Turnus makes a slaughter
Chapter 28: Turnus is stopped