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The Aeneid by Virgil

translated by Theodore C. Williams

Chapter index of Book 04

Chapter 2: Anna's reply
Chapter 3: Bad omens
Chapter 4: Juno speaks to Venus
Chapter 5: Talk of Venus and Juno
Chapter 6: The hunt
Chapter 7: A thunderstorm
Chapter 8: The rumor spreads
Chapter 9: Prayer of Iarbas
Chapter 10: Jove sends Mercury to Aeneas
Chapter 11: Mercury visits Aeneas
Chapter 12: Aenes plans to leave Dido secretly
Chapter 13: Dido speaks to Aeneas
Chapter 14: Aeneas refers her to the gods
Chapter 15: Answer of Dido
Chapter 16: Aeneas prepares for take off
Chapter 17: Dido speaks to Anna
Chapter 18: Aeneas is not persuaded
Chapter 19: Dido chooses for suicide
Chapter 20: Dido deceives Anna
Chapter 21: Preparations of Dido's death
Chapter 22: Thoughts of Dido
Chapter 23: Dream of Aeneas
Chapter 24: Aeneas sails
Chapter 25: Dido's curse
Chapter 26: Last preparations
Chapter 27: Suicide of Dido
Chapter 28: Iris helps her die
Chapter 1: To Sicily