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The Aeneid by Virgil

translated by Theodore C. Williams

Chapter index of Book 02

Chapter 1: Aeneas begins his story
Chapter 2: The Wooden Horse is built
Chapter 3: The Trojans see the Wooden Horse
Chapter 4: Speech of Laocoon
Chapter 5: Sinon is found
Chapter 6: Sinon tells his tale
Chapter 7: Sinon's tale (cont.)
Chapter 8: Sinon about the Wooden horse
Chapter 9: Death of Laocoon
Chapter 10: The gate is broken down
Chapter 11: The Greeks enter Troy
Chapter 12: Dream of Aeneas
Chapter 13: Aeneas starts action
Chapter 14: Panthus reports
Chapter 15: Aeneas gathers a group of Trojans
Chapter 16: The Trojans in disguise
Chapter 17: Fight about Cassandra
Chapter 18: The attack becomes general
Chapter 19: Aeneas defends the royal palace
Chapter 20: Pyrrhus
Chapter 21: Priam arms himself
Chapter 22: Death of Priam
Chapter 23: Aeneas worries
Chapter 24: Helen
Chapter 25: Venus advises Aeneas
Chapter 26: Aeneas leaves Troy
Chapter 27: Aeneas finds his father
Chapter 28: Aeneas tries to convince his father
Chapter 29: Creusa wants to join Aeneas in battle
Chapter 30: An omen
Chapter 31: Aeneas and family flee. Creusa is left behind
Chapter 32: Aeneas finds Creusa's ghost
Chapter 33: Flight of Aeneas