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Quote of the day: For he had revived the law of treason

Twelf Emperors by Suetonius

Chapter index of

Chapter 1: Nero's ancestry
Chapter 2: Ancestry of Nero (cont.)
Chapter 3: Ancestry of Nero (cont.)
Chapter 4: Nero's grandfather
Chapter 5: Nero's father
Chapter 6: The youth of Nero
Chapter 7: Nero adopted by Claudius
Chapter 8: Nero emperor
Chapter 9: His first actions
Chapter 10: His first actions (cont.)
Chapter 11: Entertainment
Chapter 12: Entertainment (cont.)
Chapter 13: Tiridates in Rome
Chapter 14: His consulships
Chapter 15: Justice
Chapter 16: Punishment of abuses
Chapter 17: On justice
Chapter 18: The empire
Chapter 19: Travels
Chapter 20: Nero as an artist
Chapter 21: Nero as an artist (cont.)
Chapter 22: Nero as a driver
Chapter 23: Nero in Greece
Chapter 24: Nero in Greece
Chapter 25: Artistic triumph
Chapter 26: His vices
Chapter 27: His vices
Chapter 28: Sexual abuse
Chapter 29: More vices
Chapter 30: Squandering money
Chapter 31: The Golden House
Chapter 32: Collecting miney
Chapter 33: The murder of Claudius and Britannicus
Chapter 34: Matricide
Chapter 35: Further murders
Chapter 36: The conspiracy of Piso
Chapter 37: More murders
Chapter 38: Fire in Rome
Chapter 39: More disasters
Chapter 40: Insurrection of Vindex [AD 68]
Chapter 41: Insurrection of Vindex (cont.) [AD 68]
Chapter 42: Galba joins Vindex [AD 68]
Chapter 43: Plans of Nero [AD 68]
Chapter 44: Nero tries to collect money [AD 68]
Chapter 45: Last days of Nero [AD 68]
Chapter 46: Omens [AD 68]
Chapter 47: Nero's last day [AD 68]
Chapter 48: His last day [AD 68]
Chapter 49: Suicide of Nero [AD 68]
Chapter 50: His funeral [AD 68]
Chapter 51: Appearance
Chapter 52: His cultural interest
Chapter 53: A craze for popularity
Chapter 54: A performance is promised
Chapter 55: Name-sick
Chapter 56: His religiosity
Chapter 57: Obituary
Chapter 1: Ancestry
Chapter 2: His first years