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Twelf Emperors by Suetonius

Chapter index of

Chapter 1: Domitian's youth
Chapter 2: Domitian as a young man
Chapter 3: Domitian's first years as the emperor [AD 81-86]
Chapter 4: Entertainment
Chapter 5: His restorations
Chapter 6: His wars
Chapter 7: His administration
Chapter 8: His administration (cont.)
Chapter 9: Legislation
Chapter 10: His cruelty
Chapter 11: His cruelty (cont.)
Chapter 12: Taxes
Chapter 13: Master and God
Chapter 14: A conspiracy is set up
Chapter 15: Omens
Chapter 16: Just before he was murdered
Chapter 17: The murder
Chapter 18: His appearance
Chapter 19: Domitian as an archer
Chapter 20: Cultural interest
Chapter 21: Further habits
Chapter 22: Sexual habits
Chapter 23: After his death