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Twelf Emperors by Suetonius

Chapter index of

Chapter 1: His ancestry: Drusus.
Chapter 2: The youth of Claudius.
Chapter 3: Claudius as a young man.
Chapter 4: Augustus on Claudius.
Chapter 5: During Tiberius' reign.
Chapter 6: Public respect.
Chapter 7: During Caligula's reign.
Chapter 8: During Caligula's reign (cont.)
Chapter 9: During Caligula's reign (cont.)
Chapter 10: Death of Caligula [41 AD]
Chapter 11: Claudius becomes emperor. [41 AD]
Chapter 12: Illness and death of Tiberius [37 AD]
Chapter 13: Conspiracies.
Chapter 14: Administration of justice.
Chapter 15: Administration of justice (cont.)
Chapter 16: Claudius as a censor.
Chapter 17: Claudius' expedition to Britain [43 AD]
Chapter 18: His care of the city.
Chapter 19: The Papia-Poppaean law.
Chapter 20: Public works.
Chapter 21: Games.
Chapter 22: Religious ceremonies.
Chapter 23: Administration of justice (cont.)
Chapter 24: Honours.
Chapter 25: Administration of justice (cont.)
Chapter 26: His marriages.
Chapter 27: His children.
Chapter 28: His freedmen.
Chapter 29: Influence of his wifes and freedmen.
Chapter 30: His appearance.
Chapter 31: His health.
Chapter 32: Entertainments.
Chapter 33: His other habits.
Chapter 34: His cruelty.
Chapter 35: Fear and distrust.
Chapter 36: Fear and distrust (cont.)
Chapter 37: Fear and distrust (cont.)
Chapter 38: Passion and resentment.
Chapter 39: Indifference and unconcern.
Chapter 40: Indifference and unconcern (cont.)
Chapter 41: Claudius invents new letters
Chapter 42: Greek literature.
Chapter 43: Repentence.
Chapter 44: Death of Claudius [54 AD]
Chapter 45: Death of Claudius (cont.) [54 AD]
Chapter 46: Death of Claudius. Presages. [54 AD]