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Quote of the day: For he had revived the law of treason

Parallel Lives by Plutarch

Chapter index of Coriolanus

Chapter 1: His youth
Chapter 2: An excellent soldier
Chapter 3: Fighting for Tarquin
Chapter 4: Debts of the plebs [495 BC]
Chapter 5: Mons Sacer [494 BC]
Chapter 6: The story of Agrippa [494 BC]
Chapter 7: Peoples tribunes [494 BC]
Chapter 8: Coriolanus conquers Corioli [494 BC]
Chapter 9: The Volscians are beaten [494 BC]
Chapter 10: Coriolanus is honoured for his bravery [494 BC]
Chapter 11: He gets his cognomen [494 BC]
Chapter 12: Famine and internal troubles [492 BC]
Chapter 13: Further internal troubles [492 BC]
Chapter 14: Coriolanus candidate for the consulship [492 BC]
Chapter 15: He is not chosen. [492 BC]
Chapter 16: Corn is imported. Coriolanus wants the tribunate to be removed [492-1 BC]
Chapter 17: Coriolanus is accused [491 BC]
Chapter 18: Coriolanus has to stand in trial [491 BC]
Chapter 19: A small war interferes [491 BC]
Chapter 20: Coriolanus condemned to exile [491 BC]
Chapter 21: He leaves Rome, without wife and children [491 BC]
Chapter 22: He goes to the Volscians in Antium [491 BC]
Chapter 23: He goes to Tullus Aufidius. They become allies [491 BC]
Chapter 24: Titus Latinius [491 BC]
Chapter 25: His message is observed [491 BC]
Chapter 26: The war with the Volscians is resumed [491 BC]
Chapter 27: The Volscians, lead by Coriolanus, are very successful [491 BC]
Chapter 28: More successes [491 BC]
Chapter 29: Panic in Rome [491 BC]
Chapter 30: A peace proposal is rejected [491 BC]
Chapter 31: A second proposal is rejected [491 BC]
Chapter 32: An embassy of priests is sent [491 BC]
Chapter 33: The women of Rome appeal to Veturia and Volumnia [491 BC]
Chapter 34: Veturia and Volumnia go to the Volscian camp [491 BC]
Chapter 35: His mother speaks [491 BC]
Chapter 36: Coriolanus withdraws from Rome [491 BC]
Chapter 37: Veturia and Volumnia are honoured [491 BC]
Chapter 38: Religious considerations
Chapter 39: Coriolanus criticized and murdered [491 BC]