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Parallel Lives by Plutarch

Chapter index of Aemilius Paullus

Chapter 1: His Ancestry
Chapter 2: As an augur. [192- BC]
Chapter 3: Aemilius in Spain [191 BC]
Chapter 4: His family
Chapter 5: War of Aemilius against the Ligurians [182 BC]
Chapter 6: On wars of that time.
Chapter 7: The family of Perseus
Chapter 8: Actions of Perseus before 168 BC [171-169 BC]
Chapter 9: Aemilius appointed consul [168 BC]
Chapter 10: Speech of Aemilius [168 BC]
Chapter 11: Preparations for battle [168 BC]
Chapter 12: Perseus is too mean [168 BC]
Chapter 13: Water problems for Aemilius [168 BC]
Chapter 14: An attempt of the Romans to conquer a passage [168 BC]
Chapter 15: The attempt succeeds [168 BC]
Chapter 16: An eclips and a vow [168 BC]
Chapter 17: The battle begins [168 BC]
Chapter 18: Perseus leaves the battle-field [168 BC]
Chapter 19: Perseus' army is defeated [168 BC]
Chapter 20: Cato recovers his sword [168 BC]
Chapter 21: Reappearance of Amelius' youngest son [168 BC]
Chapter 22: Perseus flees to the temple of Castor and Pollux for refuge [168 BC]
Chapter 23: Omens after the battle of Pydna [168 BC]
Chapter 24: Supernatural traveling of news
Chapter 25: Perseus captured [168 BC]
Chapter 26: Speech of Aemilius [168 BC]
Chapter 27: Settling of Macedonia and Greece [168 BC]
Chapter 28: Ransack of Epirus [168 BC]
Chapter 29: Back in Rome. His triumph is a matter of discussion [168 BC]
Chapter 30: Speech of Marcus Servilius [168 BC]
Chapter 31: A triumph for Aemilius [168 BC]
Chapter 32: A triumph for Aemilius(cont.) [168 BC]
Chapter 33: A triumph for Aemilius (cont.) [168 BC]
Chapter 34: Two younger sons of Aemilius die [168 BC]
Chapter 35: Aemilius speaks of his ill fortune [168 BC]
Chapter 36: The death of Perseus
Chapter 37: Censor [164 BC]
Chapter 38: His death. [160 BC]