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History of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita) by Livy

Translated by Rev. Canon Roberts

Chapter index of Book 25

Chapter 1: On Titus Pomponius Veientanus [213 BC]
Chapter 2: Appointments [213 BC]
Chapter 3: The Appointed people start their work. Posthumius charged. [212 BC]
Chapter 4: Posthumius convicted. [212 BC]
Chapter 5: A new Pontifex Maximus and levy problems. [212 BC]
Chapter 6: Problems of the soldiers in Sicily. [212 BC]
Chapter 7: Prodigies and an escape of Tarentine hostages [212 BC]
Chapter 8: A conspiration is formed at Tarentum [212 BC]
Chapter 9: The conspiration is executed [212 BC]
Chapter 10: The city of Tarentum is conquered by Hannibal. [212 BC]
Chapter 11: The citadel is besieged [212 BC]
Chapter 12: Due to a prophecy the Apollinarian games are instituted. [212 BC]
Chapter 13: The siege of Capua: the start. [212 BC]
Chapter 14: A Carthaginian camp is taken, with much store [212 BC]
Chapter 15: The Thurians go over to Hannibal. [212 BC]
Chapter 16: Titus Sempronius Gracchus betrayed. [212 BC]
Chapter 17: Other versions of the death of Gracchus. [212 BC]
Chapter 18: Badius and Crispinus. [212 BC]
Chapter 19: Marcus Centenius. [212 BC]
Chapter 20: Siege of Capua resumed. Hannibal moves to Apulia. [212 BC]
Chapter 21: Gnaeus Fulvius crashed [212 BC]
Chapter 22: The siege of Capua is getting more serious [212 BC]
Chapter 23: Attack on Syracuse [212 BC]
Chapter 24: Part of Syracuse conquered [212 BC]
Chapter 25: The fighting goes on. Bomilcar gets aid. [212 BC]
Chapter 26: A plague in Syracuse. [212 BC]
Chapter 27: Bomilcar does not try to save Syracuse for the Carthaginians [212 BC]
Chapter 28: Syracuse capitulates. [212 BC]
Chapter 29: A speech is delivered. Deserters create havoc. [212 BC]
Chapter 30: The mercenary auxiliaries join the Romans. [212 BC]
Chapter 31: Syracuse is plundered. Death of Archimedes. [212 BC]
Chapter 32: De Scipio's make plans [212 BC]
Chapter 33: The Celtiberians desert Rome. [212 BC]
Chapter 34: Publius Scipio defeated and killed. [212 BC]
Chapter 35: Gnaeus Scipio attacked. [212 BC]
Chapter 36: Gnaeus Scipio defeated and killed. [212 BC]
Chapter 37: Lucius Marcius collects the Roman fugitives. [212 BC]
Chapter 38: Lucius Marcius speaks to the soldiers [212 BC]
Chapter 39: Lucius Marcius conquers two Carthagenian camps. [212 BC]
Chapter 40: Further fighting on Sicily. [212 BC]
Chapter 41: Marcellus wins. Elections in Rome. [212 BC]