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The Gallic War (De Bello Gallico) by Julius Caesar

Translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb

Chapter index of Book 01

Chapter 1: Introduction [58 BC]
Chapter 2: The conspiration of Orgetorix About the Helvetii. [58 BC]
Chapter 3: The conspiration of Orgetorix. Preparations. [58 BC]
Chapter 4: The conspiration of Orgetorix. The End. [58 BC]
Chapter 5: March of the Helvetii. The start. [58 BC]
Chapter 6: March of the Helvetii. Via Geneva. [58 BC]
Chapter 7: March of the Helvetii. March of Caesar. [58 BC]
Chapter 8: March of the Helvetii. Caesar refuses the passage. [58 BC]
Chapter 9: March of the Helvetii. Dumnorix. [58 BC]
Chapter 10: March of the Helvetii. Caesar marches North. [58 BC]
Chapter 11: March of the Helvetii. Actions of the Helvetii. [58 BC]
Chapter 12: March of the Helvetii. Caesar beats the Tigurini. [58 BC]
Chapter 13: March of the Helvetii. Negotiations. [58 BC]
Chapter 14: March of the Helvetii. Caesar's reply. [58 BC]
Chapter 15: March of the Helvetii. Pursuing. [58 BC]
Chapter 16: March of the Helvetii. Corn shortage. [58 BC]
Chapter 17: March of the Helvetii. Liscus speaks. [58 BC]
Chapter 18: March of the Helvetii. The role of Dumnorix. [58 BC]
Chapter 19: March of the Helvetii. Considerations. [58 BC]
Chapter 20: March of the Helvetii. Divitiacus mediates. [58 BC]
Chapter 21: March of the Helvetii. Preparations of Caesar. [58 BC]
Chapter 22: March of the Helvetii. The error of Considius. [58 BC]
Chapter 23: March of the Helvetii. To Bibracte. [58 BC]
Chapter 24: March of the Helvetii. Preparations for battle. [58 BC]
Chapter 25: March of the Helvetii. Battle. [58 BC]
Chapter 26: March of the Helvetii. Victory. [58 BC]
Chapter 27: March of the Helvetii. Surrender. [58 BC]
Chapter 28: Return of the Helvetii. [58 BC]
Chapter 29: March of the Helvetii. Census of the Helvetii. [58 BC]
Chapter 30: March of the Helvetii. Assembly of chiefs. [58 BC]
Chapter 31: Caesar against Ariovistus. Complaints about Ariovistus. [58 BC]
Chapter 32: Caesar against Ariovistus. The fate of the Sequani. [58 BC]
Chapter 33: Caesar against Ariovistus. Caesars considerations. [58 BC]
Chapter 34: Caesar against Ariovistus. Caesar warns Ariovistus. [58 BC]
Chapter 35: Caesar against Ariovistus. Caesar proposes a meeting. [58 BC]
Chapter 36: Caesar against Ariovistus. Answer of Ariovistus. [58 BC]
Chapter 37: Caesar against Ariovistus. More Harudes. [58 BC]
Chapter 38: Caesar against Ariovistus. To Vesontio. [58 BC]
Chapter 39: Caesar against Ariovistus. Fear for the Germans. [58 BC]
Chapter 40: Caesar against Ariovistus. Speech of Caesar. [58 BC]
Chapter 41: Caesar against Ariovistus. Caesar marches again. [58 BC]
Chapter 42: Caesar against Ariovistus. Talks. [58 BC]
Chapter 43: Caesar against Ariovistus. Talks: Caesar speaks. [58 BC]
Chapter 44: Caesar against Ariovistus. Ariovistus answers. [58 BC]
Chapter 45: Caesar against Ariovistus. The talks go on. [58 BC]
Chapter 46: Caesar against Ariovistus. End of the talks. [58 BC]
Chapter 47: Caesar against Ariovistus. Embassadors of Caesar arrested. [58 BC]
Chapter 48: Caesar against Ariovistus. War practice of Ariovistus. [58 BC]
Chapter 49: Caesar against Ariovistus. Caesar raises a new camp. [58 BC]
Chapter 50: Caesar against Ariovistus. Foretellings. [58 BC]
Chapter 51: Caesar against Ariovistus. Start of the battle. [58 BC]
Chapter 52: Caesar against Ariovistus. The battle (continued). [58 BC]
Chapter 53: Caesar against Ariovistus. Victory for Caesar. [58 BC]
Chapter 54: Caesar against Ariovistus. The end. [58 BC]