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Why you should not fly Iberia

Here you find a copy of the complaint I sent to Iberia. Read it and be warned!

===================================================================================== Dear Sir,

In your booklet "Passenger rights..." you make some statements, e.g. "Our main objective is to offer you excellent service", in case of delay: "Iberia will provid you with assistance" and "we are doing everything possible to ensure your trip is pleasant".
I suggest you to remove positive sentences like these from your booklet, because they are damned lies.
I will tel you why I think this.

We flew on Friday april 4 from Johannesburg to Madrid, IB6050, and a connecting flight IB3254 to Amsterdam. It was to arrive at 7.25, but was delayed nearly an hour. We tried to ask if that would be a problem, but pushing the assistance button was ignored.
We discovered that your stewardesses hardly speak English.
Any question was answered with "No problem", probably the only English the knew. That is your excellent service!

Some time ago we had the same problem in Munich. When we arrived transportation was provided so we were in time at the next gate.
Iberia knew that at least 20 people had a connecting flight to Amsterdam at 9.00 h.
Did Iberia provide a similar service? No Sir, nobody was present to inform people with connecting flights, let alone transportation to the next gate. That is your excellent service!
So we went as quick as possible to the next gate. We had to climb many stairs, walk great distances, go by train, show our passports (after waiting in a queue), have our handluggage checked (was already checked in Jo'burg) after waiting in a long queue, and we arrived 2 minutes before take-off.
(Transportation by Iberia might have been able to circumvent these queues. But this was not provided!)
We had this problem before, and then the airplain waited for a few minutes. Dit Iberia provide the same service?
No Sir, when we protested that we were not allowed to embark some official threatened to have us arrested.
That is your excellent service!
Was somebody around to help us further? No Sir, of course not. That is your excellent service!

We found our way to the transfer desk, and we got a voucher for a snack. We discovered it had to be a cheap one, and coffee was not included.
I do not see what profit you got from this lack of service to your passenger. The luggage of the people not showing up has to be removed from the airplane, which causes a delay at least as long as the delay necessary to get all people on board. Or maybe you did not comply to the rules, and sent the luggage to Amsterdam without the owners? That would give excellent possibilities to terrorists!
Or maybe you did not load the luggage, because you knew nobody would be able to catch the connection.
A good laugh for all the sadists working for Iberia, seeing all the passengers trying to get their next flight.

When we arrived in Amsterdam our luggage was the first to appear, suggesting it might had gone with the original flight. However, one parcel was missing, and is still missing.
Any compensation you will give us will be as cheap as the snacks.

Of course we deserve compensation for what happened, not so much for the delay, but for the lack of any form of assistance you provided, contrary to what you claim.
And of course you will not give it, in line with the way we were treated so far.

There are 3 thing for me to do:
1. Find out if there is an authority that can check whether you followed the rules for luggage of passengers not showing up.
2. Inquire if an consumer-organisation collects complaints of this type. I already contacted the "Consumentenbond", the Dutch consumer organisation.
3. To use Internet to warn other travelers. I have a website and will add a page under the title "Do not fly Iberia", containing our experiences as described here.
And it will be a happy day for me when I hear that because of the site somebody did not select Iberia.
If you have similar experiences with Iberia, please let me know by e-mail