He was indeed a young man of unaspiring temper, and of wonderful kindliness
Ann Book I Chapter 33: Revolt in Germania. Germanicus

And that he might also soften the remembrance of the disaster by kindness, he went round to the wounded, applauded the feats of soldier after soldier, examined their wounds, raised the hopes of one, the ambition of another, and the spirits of all by his encouragement and interest, thus strengthening their ardour for himself and for battle.
Ann Book I Chapter 71: War with the Germans. The damage repaired

One extolled his noble rank, another, his handsome person, nearly all of them, his endurance, his gracious manner and the evenness of his temper, whether he was jesting or was serious, while they acknowledged that they ought to repay him with their gratitude in battle
Ann Book II Chapter 13: War with the Germans. At night.

Foreign nations and kings grieved over him, so great was his courtesy to allies, his humanity to enemies.
Ann Book II Chapter 72: Illness and death of Germanicus. His death.

Both had a graceful person and were of noble birth; neither had much exceeded thirty years of age, and both fell by the treachery of their own people in strange lands
Ann Book II Chapter 73: Illness and death of Germanicus. His funeral.

But Germanicus was gracious to his friends, temperate in his pleasures, the husband of one wife, with only legitimate children.
Ann Book II Chapter 73: Illness and death of Germanicus. His funeral.

He had excelled Alexander in clemency, in self-restraint, and in all other virtues
Ann Book II Chapter 73: Illness and death of Germanicus. His funeral.

Piso was at the island of Cos when tidings reached him that Germanicus was dead. He received the news with extravagant joy, slew victims, visited the temples, with no moderation in his transports
Ann Book II Chapter 74: Martina sent to Rome.

None mourn more ostentatiously over the death of Germanicus than those who most rejoice at it
Ann Book II Chapter 77: Revolt of Piso. Advice of Celer.

Do you think that I have acted my part on the stage of life well?
Stn Augustus, Chapter 99: His last words.

His legs were too slender for the rest of his figure, but he gradually brought them to proper proportions by constant horseback riding after meals.
Stn Caligula, Chapter 2: Death of Germanicus