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Shared names

In this document names of Romans or from Roman times are presented that are shared by other,
far more famous persons (or even Gods).

Original name of the Patriarch, who is ancestor of Israel and the Arabs.
But also:
Father of pope Zosimus.
Greek hero in Trojan war.
But also:
Tried to become emperor(297)
Apollo. Greek God of art etc.
But also:
Person in New Testament.
Ariadne. Helped Theseus against the Minotaur
But also:
Byzantine Empress.
Camilla. English lady.
But also:
Female warrior in Aeneid
Cyrus. Great Persian king.
But also:
Father of Mary (Magdalene)
Daniel. Prophet in Old Testament.
But also:
Daniel the Stylite
Demosthenes. Orator in Athens.
But also:
Governor of Pontus
Elisabeth. Queen of England.
But also:
Mother of John the Baptist
Euphrates River.
But also:
Helen. Most beautiful woman of Antiquity. Caused Trojan war.
But also:
Companion of Simon Magus
Also Saddan, Oriental Queen
Mother of Constantine the Great
Daughter of Constantine the Great
Daughter-in-law of Constantine the Great
Ida. Famous mountain on Crete.
But also:
Person in Aeneid
Isaac. Patriarch.
But also:
Catholic priest and author
Juliana. Former queen of the Netherlands. But also:
Menelaus. King of Sparta and husband of Helen of Troy.
But also:
Mathematician and astronomer
Jewish leader
Minerva. Roman Goddess of handicraft etc.
But also:
Concubine of Constantine the Great
Moses. Leader of the Israelites
But also:
Nereus. Sea God.
But also:
Person from the New Testament
Son of Agamemnon and Clytemnaestra. Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides write plays about his life and deeds. But also:
General, father of Romulus Augustulus.
Consul, 157 BC
Consul, 126 BC
Consul, 103 BC
Consul, 71 BC
Orion: mythological hunter, gave his name to a star constellation.
But also:
Greek grammarian.
Osiris: Egyptian God
But also:
Soldier in the Aeneid
Trojan hero, and capital of France. But also:
Actor who had an affair with Nero.
Actor who had an affair with Domitians wife.
Flying horse. But also:
Soldier in the Aeneid
Pygmalion: King who fell in love with a statue of a woman.
But also:
Brother of Dido, whose husband he murdered.
Pythagoras: Mathematician and philosopher, famous for his Theorem.
But also:
Male prostitute in Nero's time