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Religious events from the Greek mythology

The Argonauts

The Golden Fleece goes to Colchis
Pelias and Jason
The Argonauts at Lemnos
The Argonauts and the Dolionians
The abduction of Hylas
The Argonauts and the Bebrycians
The Argonauts and the Harpies
The Argonauts and the Clashing Rocks.
The Argonauts arrive at Colchis
Jason performs the tasks of Aeetes
Medea brings the Golden Fleece
The Argo flees form Colchis
Purification by Circe
The Argonauts pass the Sirens
The Argonauts at Corcyra
Pelias murders Jasons relations
Death of Pelias
Oedipus, the Seven against Thebes and the Epigones.
Oedipus and family
Birth of Oedipus
Death of Laius
Oedipus and the sphinx
Oedipus king of Thebes
The plague at Thebes
The Seven against Thebes
The daughters of Adrastus
The march through Nemea
The Siege of Thebes
The march of Theseus
The Epigones
Death of Eriphyle
Ilias and Odyssee
The Trojan War
Wedding of Peleus and Thetis
The Judgement of Paris
The Trojan War (1193-1184 BC?)
- The sacrifice of Iphigeneia
- Achilles and Tenes
- Aeneas against Diomedes
- Aeneas against Achilles
- Diomedes against Ares
- Diomedes against Aphrodite
- Helen and Deiphobus
- Agamemnon and Chryses
- The Row of Achilles and Agamemnon
- Death of Patroclus
- The death of Hector
- The Amazons help the Trojans
- The death of Achilles
- The fall of Troy
- The Wooden Horse
- Words and death of Laocoon
- The Sack of Troy
- The Flight of Aeneas
- The fate of Andromache after the Trojan war
The Odyssee
Ulysses/Odysseus and Circe
Ulysses/Odysseus and the Cyclop
Ulysses/Odysseus visits the Underworld
Ulysses/Odysseus and the sirens
Ulysses/Scylla and Charybdis
Ulysses/Odysseus and the Phaeacians
The return of Ulysses/Odysseus