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Events from the Greek mythology: Heros

References very incomplete, mostly to pictures
Wedding of Peleus and Thetis
The youth of Achilles
The Trojan War (1193-1184 BC?)
The sacrifice of Iphigeneia
Achilles and Tenes
Aeneas and Achilles
The Row of Achilles and Agamemnon
Death of Patroclus
The death of Hector
The death of Achilles
Aeneas and Achilles
The Flight of Aeneas
Death and apotheosis of Aeneas
See also The Aeneid
Atreus and Thyestes
Agamemnon marries Clytaemnestra
The sacrifice of Iphigeneia
The Row of Achilles and Agamemnon
Agamemnon and Chryses
Agamemnon murdered
War between Mycenae and Taphos
Death of Electryon
War between Mycenae and Taphos
Zeus and Alcmena
The birth of Heracles
The youth of Heracles
Heracles and the heralds of Erginus
The choice of Heracles
Heracles and the daughters of Thespius
Heracles and Ergynus
The madness of Heracles
The works of Herakles
1. Heracles and the Nemeian Lion
2. Heracles and the Ceryneian hind
3. Heracles and the Erymanthian boar
3a Heracles and the Centaurs
3b Heracles as an Argonaut
3c The abduction of Hylas
4. Heracles and the Lernaean Hydra
5. Heracles and the stables of Augias
6. Heracles and the Stymphalian birds
7. Heracles and the Cretan bull
8. Heracles and the mares of Diomedes
8a Admetus and Alcestis
9. Heracles and the girdle of Hippolyte
9a Heracles and the Bebrycians
10.Hercules and the cattle of Geryon
- Hercules and Cacus
11.Heracles and the apples of the Hesperides
- Heracles and Antaeus
12.Heracles and Cerberus
The murder of Iphitus
Purification problems.
Heracles and Omphale
Heracles and Hesione
Heracles and the conquest of Elis
Heracles and the capture of Pylus
Heracles and the sons of Hippocoon
Heracles and Auge
Heracles and Deianeira
Heracles in Trachis
Heracles and Iole
Death and apotheosis of Herakles Marriage with Hebe
The Argonauts arrive at Colchis
Jason performs the tasks of Aeetes
Medea brings the Golden Fleece
The Argo flees form Colchis
Aegeus marries Medea
Theseus comes to Athens
Plots of Medea
Medea returns to Colcis
The Trojan War (1193-1184 BC?)
The Wooden Horse
Odysseus and Circe
Odysseus and the Cyclop
Odysseus visits the Underworld
Odysseus and the sirens
Scylla and Charybdis
Odysseus and the Phaeacians
The return of Odysseus
The youth of Orestes
The vengeance of Orestes
Orestes haunted
The purification of Orestes
Iphigenia in Tauris
The birth of Perseus
Affair of Zeus with Danae
Perseus and Medusa
Perseus and Andromeda
Perseus further
Aegeus begets Theseus
The youth of Theseus
Theseus and Cercyon
Theseus comes to Athens
Plots of Medea
Theseus and the Minotaur
Dionysos and Ariadne
Suicide of Aegeus
The wedding of Pirithous and Hippodamia
Theseus and Helen
Life of Aethra
Theseus and the Amazons
Hippolytus and Phaedra
Revival of Hippolytus