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Events of the Life of Jesus Christ

Events around birth
The annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist
The Annunciation
Mary visits Elisabeth
The birth of John the Baptist
The Census of Luke 2
The Birth of Christ
The Announcement to the Shepherds
The Adoration of the Shepherds
The Circumcision/Presentation in the Temple
Adoration of the Magi
Dream of Joseph
Flight to Egypt
The children of Bethlehem murdered
Return to Nazareth
Jesus of twelve in the temple
John the Baptist
John the Baptist starts.
Jesus baptized
Statement of John the Baptist about himself
Statement of John the Baptist about Jesus
Herod puts John the Baptist in prison
Jesus about John the Baptist
The death of John the Baptist
Testimony of John the Baptist
Miracles of Jesus in general
The marriage in Cana
Healings in Capernaum
The miraculous fishing
The healing of a leper
The healing of a paralytic
Healing on a Sabbath
The centurion of Capernaum
The youth of Nain
The storm on the lake
Healing of an obsessed
The daughter of Jairus
Healing an obsessed child
Healing of a woman on a Sabbath
Healing of a dropsy on a Sabbath
The son of the nobleman
Healing on a Sabbath
The feeding of the five thousand
Jesus walks on the sea
The Syrophenician woman
Healing a deaf-mute
Feeding the four thousand
Jesus healing the blind man.
Jesus healing the blind born.
The healing of Bartimaeus
The withered fig tree
Jesus healing the blind and the lame in the temple
The ten lepers
The Raising of Lazarus
Other events
Temptation in the desert
Jesus calls the first disciples
Jesus sends the Twelve
In the synagogue of Nazareth
Jesus and his family
The calling of Levi
About fasting
Plucking ears of corn on Sabbath
Sermon of the Mount
The annointment of Jesus' feet
Sending the Seventy
Mary and Martha
The Lords prayer
Against the Pharisees
The first cleaning of the temple
Discussion with Nicodemus
Christ with the Samaritan Woman
The bread of life
The confession of Peter
The feast of tabernacles
The adulterous woman
On divorce
First lecture on the last judgement
The rich young man
Jesus blesses the children
The Transfiguration
The feast of the dedication
Entry into Jerusalem
The second cleaning of the temple
The withered fig tree
The right of Caesar
About the Resurrection
Second lecture on the last judgement
The penny of the widow
The decision to kill Jesus
The anointing in Bethany
Jesus proclaims his death
The parable of the sower
The parable of the good Samaritan
The parable of the rich fool
The parable of the pounds
The parabel of the Good Shepard
The parable of the unjust judge
The parable of the Pharisee and the publican
The parable of the excuses
The parable of the lost sheep and the lost penny
The parable of the Prodigal Son
The parable of the unjust steward
The parable of the rich man and the poor Lazarus
The parable of the unjust husbandmen
The parable of the tares in the field
The parable of the treasure in the field
The parable of the pearl of great price
The parable of the ungrateful slave
The parable of the labourers in the vineyard
The parable of the two sons
The parable of the royal wedding breakfast
The parable of the wise and foolish virgins
Passion and death
Judas goes to the Sanhedrin
Preparation of the last Supper
The washing of the feet
Jesus warns Judas
Jesus warns Peter
Last Supper
The Betrayal of Judas
The arrest of Jesus
Jesus before Annas
The denial and the repentance of Peter
Jesus before Pilate
Jesus before Herod
The release of Barabbas
The scourging and mocking of Jesus
Pilate washes his hands
Ecce Homo
The Via Dolorosa
The Legend of Veronica
The crucifixion
The death of Jesus
The piercing of Jesus
Jesus' descend from the cross
Pieta/Lamentation over the body of Christ
The funeral of Jesus
Death of Judas
The watch near the sepulchre
Resurrection of Jesus
The lie of the Sanhedrin
Appearance to Mary Magdalene
The appearance to the disciples
Supper at Emmaus
The appearance to Thomas
The appearance at the sea of Tiberias
Ascension of Jesus