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Events connected to Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar and Cornelia [86 B.C.]
Julius Caesar in Bythinia [80 B.C. - 79 B.C.]
Julius Caesar and Nicomedes [80 B.C.?]
Julius Caesar taken by pirates [74 B.C.]
Caesar studies on Rhodes [74 B.C.]
Julius Caesar quastor in Spain [67 B.C.]
Julius Caesar aedile [65 B.C.]
The conspiracy of Catiline [63 B.C.]
Julius Caesar praetor [62 B.C.]
Clodius and Pompeia [62 B.C.]
Caesar in Spain [61 B.C.]
The First Triumvirate [60 B.C.]
Julius Caesar consul [60 B.C.]
Caesar against Ariovistus [58 B.C.]
March of the Helvetii [58 B.C.]
War with the Belgae [57 B.C.]
Galba in Octodorus. [57 B.C.]
War with the Veneti [56 B.C.]
Caesar with the Morini and the Menapii [56 B.C.]
Problems with the Morini [55 B.C.]
Caesar in Britain [55 B.C.]
Caesar's war with the Germans. [55 B.C.]
Caesar in Illyria [54 B.C.]
Caesar again in Britain [54 B.C.]
The Treveri [54 B.C.]
Revolt of the Gauls [54 B.C. - 53 B.C.]
Tasgetius murdered [54 B.C.]
Caesar and Vercingetorix [53 B.C. - 52 B.C.]
Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon (49 BC) [49 B.C.]
Civil war in Spain. Battle of Ilerda (49 BC) [49 B.C.]
Civil war - Battle of Pharsalus (48 BC) [48 B.C.]
Julius Caesar in Egypt [48 B.C. - 47 B.C.]
Civil war - Battle of Dyrrhachium (48 BC) [48 B.C.]
Julius Caesar and Cleopatra [48 B.C. - 47 B.C.]
Civil war - Battle of the Nile (47 BC) [47 B.C.]
Julius Caesar and Lucius Cassius [47 B.C.]
War against Pharnaces. Battle of Zela [47 B.C.]
Civil war - Mutiny in Rome (47 BC) [47 B.C.]
Civil war - Battle of Thapsus (46 BC) [46 B.C.]
Julius Caesar reforms the calender [46 B.C.]
Julius Caesar Dictator [46 B.C.]
Civil war in Spain. Battle of Munda (45 BC) [45 B.C.]
Julius Caesar murdered [44 B.C.]
The funeral of Julius Caesar [44 B.C.]
Deification of Julius Caesar [42 B.C.]