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Events connected to Claudius

Claudius invents new letters.
Claudius banishes the Jews from Rome
The funeral of Germanicus [20 A.D.]
The Conspiracy of Asinius and Corvinus [42 A.D.]
Revolt of Scribonianus [42 A.D.]
The Conspiracy of Camillus Scribonianus [42 A.D.]
Claudius' expedition to Britain [43 A.D.]
The fall of Valerius Asiaticus [47 A.D.]
Problems in Parthia. [47 A.D. - 49 A.D.]
Italicus king of the Cherusci [47 A.D.]
Corbulo and Gannascus [47 A.D.]
Claudius marries again [48 A.D. - 49 A.D.]
Fall of Messalina [48 A.D.]
Gauls in the Senate? [48 A.D.]
Betrothal of Nero and Octavia [49 A.D.]
The boundaries of Rome [49 A.D.]
Claudius adopts Nero [50 A.D.]
Problems with the Suevi [50 A.D.]
Problems in Britain [50 A.D. - 53 A.D.]
Death of Claudius [54 A.D.]
Nero and Poppaea [58 A.D. - 59 A.D.]