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Quote of the day: "Go," said he, "tell the Romans that it

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Roman Religion
  1. Ambrosius Aurelianus(5205) No year
  2. Andromachus(3623) No year
  3. Antiochenos(5380) No year
  4. Aulus Cornelius(5122) year: 320 BC
  5. Caecina Lolliana(5209) No year
  6. Calybe(5463) No year
  7. Caninius Gallus(5936) No year
  8. Ceionius Rufus Volusianus(5210) No year
  9. Coelia Concordia(5207) No year
  10. Cornelius Barbatus(5144) year: 305 BC
  11. Deiphobe(5458) No year
  12. Gaius Claudius Pulcher(1824) year: 177 BC
  13. Lucius Cornelius Merula(2152) year: 87 BC
  14. Manes(5379) No year
  15. Marcus Livius(5164) year: 295 BC
  16. Marcus Valerius(4954) year: 463 BC
  17. Namatian(1043) year: 414 AD
  18. Numa Marcius(4911) year: 712 BC
  19. Olympiodorus(1071) year: 425 AD
  20. Potitius(5489) No year
  21. Publius Aelianus(6489) year: 70 AD
  22. Quintus Aurelius Symmachus(1227) year: 391 AD
  23. Scaevola(5175) No year
  24. Servius Maluginensis(5854) year: 22 AD
  25. Tolumnius(5620) No year
  26. Umbro(5481) No year
  27. Vettius Agorius Praetextatus(2551) No year