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Patriarchs of Constantinople
  1. Acacius of Constantinopel(602) year: 472 AD
  2. Anatolius of Constantinople(3480) year: 450 AD
  3. Demophilus(3072) No year
  4. Eudocius(781) year: 360 AD
  5. Euphemius of Constantinople(3622) No year
  6. Flavian of Constantinople(819) year: 446 AD
  7. John Chrysostomus(177) year: 397 AD
  8. Macedonius of Constantinople(6047) year: 511 AD
  9. Nectarius of Constantinople(3073) year: 381 AD
  10. Peter of Constantinople(3549) year: 379 AD
  11. Proclus(1145) year: 434 AD
  12. Sisinnios of Constantinople(3183) year: 400 AD