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Jewish religious leaders
  1. Abbahu of Caesarea(2646) No year
  2. Akiba(674) No year
  3. Alexander(1474) No year
  4. Ananias(1451) No year
  5. Bannus(2642) No year
  6. Berachya ben Simon(7156) No year
  7. Gamaliel II(1298) No year
  8. Gamaliel the Elder(1297) No year
  9. Hana ha-Hehba(2644) No year
  10. Hillel(486) No year
  11. Hillel II(850) No year
  12. Ishmael(7151) No year
  13. Jairus(1463) No year
  14. Jesus Sirach(12951) year: 180 BC
  15. Jochanan ben Zakkaj(907) year: 70 AD
  16. John(1518) No year
  17. John the Baptist(415) year: 25 AD
  18. Joseph(2664) No year
  19. Juda Hanasi(900) No year
  20. Lysimachus(3118) No year
  21. Mattathias Maccabaeus(991) year: 167 BC
  22. Matthias(2655) No year
  23. Shammai(1210) No year
  24. Simeon ben Azzai(2645) No year
  25. Simeon ben Yohai(1205) No year
  26. Simon(5163) year: 23 BC
  27. Simon(1559) No year
  28. Simon(7153) No year
  29. Simon bar Gamaliel(2628) No year
  30. Simon ben Sherah(2622) No year
  31. Simon the Just(3115) No year
  32. Simon the Leper(157) year: 29 AD
  33. Sosthenes(1564) No year
  34. Tarphon(3169) No year
  35. Yohanan ben Zakkai(2625) No year
  36. Yossi of Zeitur(7155) No year