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Tacitus' Agricola.
Tacitus' Annals.
The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
De Bello Gallico, by Julius Caesar
Tacitus' Germania.
The Goths, by Jordanes.
Histories, by Tacitus.
History of Rome, by Livy.
Mispogon by Julian
New Testament.
Metamorphosis by Ovid.
Parallel lives by Plutarch.
Suetonius 12 Caesars
Virgil Aeneid.
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links of: Asia

Agr Chapter 6: Marriage, Quaestor and Praetor
Agr Chapter 42: Life in Rome
Ann Book II Chapter 47: Earthquake in Asia.
Ann Book II Chapter 54: Germanicus goes East. To Colophon.
Ann Book III Chapter 7: Return of Piso. Death of Martina
Ann Book III Chapter 32: War in Africa. Appointment of a commander
Ann Book III Chapter 58: A priest as a proconsul?
Ann Book III Chapter 66: Prosecutions for Majestas: Silanus
Ann Book III Chapter 67: Prosecutions for Majestas: Silanus(cont.)
Ann Book III Chapter 68: Prosecutions for Majestas: Silanus(cont.)
Ann Book III Chapter 71: A priest as a proconsul? No
Ann Book IV Chapter 13: Processes
Ann Book IV Chapter 14: Embassies from Greece
Ann Book IV Chapter 15: Process against Capito
Ann Book IV Chapter 36: Salvianus versus Marius
Ann Book IV Chapter 37: No temple for Tiberius in Spain
Ann Book IV Chapter 55: Embassies from Asia
Ann Book IV Chapter 56: Embassies from Asia (cont.)
Ann Book V Chapter 10: A double of Drusus
Ann Book XII Chapter 63: On Byzantium
Ann Book XIII Chapter 1: Death of Silanus
Ann Book XIII Chapter 33: Impeachments
Ann Book XIII Chapter 43: Condemnation of Suilius
Ann Book XIV Chapter 21: Nero as an artist (cont.)
Ann Book XIV Chapter 22: Omens and Plautus
Ann Book XIV Chapter 27: Veterans
Ann Book XIV Chapter 57: Sulla en Plautus
Ann Book XIV Chapter 58: Plautus and Antistius
Ann Book XV Chapter 45: Poverty in the empire
Ann Book XVI Chapter 10: Death of Lucius Vetus
Ann Book XVI Chapter 13: Storms and pestilence
Ann Book XVI Chapter 23: Death of Soranus
Ann Book XVI Chapter 30: Death of Soranus
Aug The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
Ger Chapter 2: Origin of the Germans
Gth Chapter 1: Geographical Introduction.
Gth Chapter 5: About Scythia.
Gth Chapter 6: War of Tanausis and Vesosis.
Gth Chapter 7: The Amazones. The Caucasus.
Gth Chapter 10: Persians and Macedonia.
Gth Chapter 20: Devastation of Asia.
His Book I Chapter 10: Galba becomes emperor. The East
His Book II Chapter 2: Titus returns (cont.)
His Book II Chapter 9: A false Nero (cont.)
His Book II Chapter 81: Revolt of Vespasian. The whole East supports him
His Book II Chapter 83: Revolt of Vespasian. Mucianus marches
His Book III Chapter 46: Troubles with Dacia
His Book III Chapter 53: Vitellius versus Antonius Primus. Antomius Primus writes a letter
His Book IV Chapter 17: Batavian Uprise. Speech of Civilis
Hor Book I Chapter 45: League with the Latins.
Hor Book IX Chapter 16: War with the Samnites. Reduction of Satricum.
Hor Book XXVI Chapter 24: Laevinus forms an alliance with the Aetolians.
Hor Book XXVI Chapter 37: The military situation.
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 29: Philip V against Machanidas
Hor Book XXXVIII Chapter 7: Opus and Thronium
Nwt First letter of Paul to the Corinthians Chapter 16
Nwt First letter of Peter Chapter 1
Nwt Second letter of Paul to the Corinthians Chapter 1
Nwt Seond letter of Paul to Timotheus Chapter 1
Nwt Acts chapter 2
Nwt Acts chapter 6
Nwt Acts chapter 16
Nwt Acts chapter 19
Nwt Acts chapter 20
Nwt Acts chapter 21
Nwt Acts chapter 24
Nwt Acts chapter 27
Nwt Revelations Chapter 1
Ovd Ovid XIII Chapter 6: 481-575 Hecuba's lament and transformation
Plt Antony Chapter 24: Antony in Asia
Plt Antony Chapter 26: Antony meets Cleopatra
Plt Antony Chapter 30: Antony goes to Rome, Fulvia dies
Plt Antony Chapter 33: Ventidius defeats Partian armies
Plt Antony Chapter 35: Treaty of Tarentum
Plt Antony Chapter 37: Antony prepares an invasion in Parthia, but not enough.
Plt Antony Chapter 38: Antony was too much in a hurry
Plt Antony Chapter 67: Antony the next few days
Plt Antony Chapter 69: Cleopatra tries to drag her fleet to the Red sea.
Plt Antony Chapter 72: Treason of Alexas
Plt Aemilius Chapter 6: On wars of that time.
Plt Caesar Chapter 2: Caesar and the pirates
Plt Caesar Chapter 48: Julius Caesar in Egypt
Plt Caesar Chapter 50: War against Pharnaces. Battle of Zela
Plt Lucullus Chapter 4: Lucullus collects money for Sulla
Plt Lucullus Chapter 7: Siege and battle of Cyzicus
Plt Lucullus Chapter 20: Lucullus administration of Asia
Plt Lucullus Chapter 23: Siege of Sinope
Plt Lucullus Chapter 25: Trigranes defeated.
Plt Lucullus Chapter 33: Lucullus as a person
Plt Lucullus Chapter 34: Publius Clodius corrupts the army
Plt Lucullus Chapter 36: Pompey replaces Lucullus
Plt Otho Chapter 15: Otho versus Vitellius; Otho decides for suicide
Plt Pompey Chapter 45: Pompey's triumph
Plt Pompey Chapter 46: Further problems in the senate
Plt Pompey Chapter 80: Civil war: Caesar does not enjoy the murder
Plt Sertorius Chapter 23: Sertorius in Spain; negotiations with Mithridates
Plt Sertorius Chapter 24: Sertorius in Spain; agreement with Mithridates
Stn Augustus, Chapter 3: His father.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 17: Battle of Actium
Stn Augustus, Chapter 26: As a consul.
Stn Caligula, Chapter 58: Death of Caligula. (Cont.)
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 4: Julius Caesar taken by pirates.
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 22: Problems
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 28: Further problems with the Senate
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 39: Entertainments
Stn Tiberius Chapter 48: His frugality (cont.)
Stn Vespasian, Chapter 1: His ancestry
Vrg Book I Chapter 23: Aeneas tells Venus about his wanderings
Vrg Book II Chapter 1: Aeneas begins his story
Vrg Book II Chapter 8: Sinon about the Wooden horse
Vrg Book III Chapter 1: The wanderings of Aeneas begin
Vrg Book VII Chapter 12: Ilioneus explains
Vrg Book VII Chapter 31: Messapus
Vrg Book X Chapter 3: Reaction of Juno
Vrg Book XI Chapter 10: Diomedes does not want to fight

links of: Asiatic

Ann Book XII Chapter 63: On Byzantium
Hor Book IX Chapter 19: Comparison of the armies.
Plt Antony Chapter 2: His mother, his youth
Plt Antony Chapter 24: Antony in Asia
Stn Augustus, Chapter 86: His style.

links of: Asiatics

No links in Edited sources found

links of: Asians

Hor Book IX Chapter 19: Comparison of the armies.

links of: Asian

Plt Sertorius Chapter 24: Sertorius in Spain; agreement with Mithridates
Other links:
Breakthough in Asia Minor

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