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Quote of the day: The infirmities of Augustus increased, a
Macedonia in Roman times. People from Macedonia

in Roman times was also called Macedonia, although it was then larger.

This list is far from complete.
There is not always an 1:1 relation between a place etc. in Roman times and a name in our days.
Sometimes a people giving their name to a place and that place are combined.
Some names are followed by a link to a site with that title
I tried to find suitable sites in English, but did not always succeed.
If you know better sites, please let me know.
Aigai(0) / Aegeae(0)
Alaklisi(0) / Apostolus(0) / Diokletianoupolis(0) / Dium(2) / Pella(3)
Macedonia(63) / Macedonian(22) / Macedonians(31)
Neokhorio(0) / Amphipolis(4)
Nis(0) / Naissus(1)
Paeonia(1) / Paeones(0) / Paeonians(2)
Vergina(0) / Aegae(0)