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Quote of the day: Cneius Pompeius was then for the third t
Bulgaria in Roman times. People from Bulgaria

What is now Bulgaria is Thracia in Roman times.

This list is far from complete.
There is not always an 1:1 relation between a place etc. in Roman times and a name in our days.
Sometimes a people giving their name to a place and that place are combined.
Some names are followed by a link to a site with that title
I tried to find suitable sites in English, but did not always succeed.
If you know better sites, please let me know.
Archar(0) / Ratiara(0)
Balchik(0) / Dionysopolis(0)
Bessians(1) / Bessi(1)
Bulgaria(0) / Bulgares(1) / Bulgarian(0)
Devnia(0) / Marcianople(1) / Marcianopolis(0) / Preslav(0)
Hissar(0) / Diocletianopolis(0)
Ismara(1) / Ismarian(1)
Kjustendil(0) / Kiustendil(0) / Pautalia(0)
Koula(0) / Castra Martis(1)
Lom(0) / Almus(1)
Lovech(0) / Melta(0)
Minerva's pool(0)
Moesia(42) / Moesian(6)
Nessebar(0) / Messambria(0)
Novae(0) / Euscia(1)
Oescus(2) / Ulpia Oescus(0)
Pleven(0) / Storgozia(0)
Plovdiv(0) / Philippopolis(2) / Trimontium(0)
Pomorie(0) / Anchiali(1) / Anchialus(0) / Anhialo(0)
Razgrad(0) / Abrittus(1) / Abritus(0)
Rousse(0) / Sexaginta Prista(0)
Silistra(0) / Durostorum(1)
Sofia(0) / Serdica(0)
Sozopol(0) / Apollonia(1) / Apollonia Pontica(0) / Sozopolis(0)
Stara Zagora(0) / Augusta Trajana(0) / Beroa(1) / Beroe Augusta Trajana(0) / Beroia(0)
Strymon(1) / Strymonian(1)
Svistov(0) / Novae(1)
Thrace(29) / Thracia(1) / Thracian(25) / Thracians(12)
Trnovo(0) / Nicopolis(0) / Nicopolis ad Istrum(0)
Varna(0) / Odessus(1)
Vidin(0) / Bononia(0)