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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 5: Military tribune.
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While serving as military tribune, the first office which was conferred on him by vote of the people after his return to Rome, he [Note 1] ardently supported the leaders in the attempt to re-establish the authority of the tribunes of the commons, the extent of which Sulla had curtailed. Furthermore, through a bill proposed by one Plotius [70 B.C.], he effected the recall of his wife's brother Lucius Cinna, as well as of the others who had taken part with Lepidus in his revolution and after the consul's death had fled to Sertorius; and he personally spoke in favor of the measure.

Note 1: he = Julius Caesar

Tribunatu militum, qui primus Romam reuerso per suffragia populi honor optigit, actores restituendae tribuniciae potestatis, cuius uim Sulla deminuerat, enixissime iuuit. L. etiam Cinnae uxoris fratri, et qui cum eo ciuili discordia Lepidum secuti post necem consulis ad Sertorium confugerant, reditum in ciuitatem rogatione Plotia confecit habuitque et ipse super ea re contionem.